Truman Technology Program

Students don't learn about technology as much as they learn how to use technology. The difference is important to the context of what they learn, namely "How can students use technology to become a better, more efficient learner"?

Learning is more authentic and valued when you choose what you want to learn. And that's why we use technology modules in our program. Students can choose from topics like: robotics, video production, animation, web development. Or they can create their own technology module.

Students still learn to become better writers, manipulate spreadsheets, type faster, and so on. But they also persue their individual interests, rotating activities throughout the week.

Core content learning is reiforced and enhanced by these modules because they are imbued with concepts and standards from math, language arts, etc.

Student Showcase:

Battle Bot Competition White and Nerdie More Robots TMS Horror
Skate Park Lights Camera Action Scary Scenes Automatic Gate
Rolling Car Wolfie News Space Patos Game
D-Key to fire
Arrow keys to move
Truman Mural Project